Comics 101
    by Scott Tipton
One Hand Clapping
    by Chris Ryall
Kentucky Fried Rasslin'
    by Scott Bowden
Squib Central
    by Joshua Jabcuga

    by Jud Meyers


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Comics 101

Hey, Kids! Comics!

Scott Tipton's Comics 101
Just Posted! In this week's COMICS 101, we look at the works of Marvel editor Mark Gruenwald...
Chris Ryall's One Hand Clapping
In his TV Recommendations for the week of August 17, Chris Ryall offers up his last TV column for a while, and does it with looks at SHAQ TREATMENT, Rhys Darby's stand-up, PROJECT RUNWAY and more...
Scott Bowden's Kentucky Fried Rasslin'
It's an annual tradition: Bowden and Tipton's RassleMania Pick-Off 2010!
Joshua Jabcuga's Squib Central
It's the Top 5 Squib Central-Approved DVD releases for September 2010!
Jud Meyers Retales
Jud Meyers' RETALES returns, with a look back at one of Marvel's greats, Gene Colan, and why back in the day, Colan scared the hell out of Li'l Jud.
Mail Call! Hey, the Mailbag's back! Take a look at the latest in reader correspondence, for the week of May 25....
Guest Lecturer
New correspondent Todd Wels takes a look at the cyclical nature of comics in Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again (Until the Next Writer Takes Over)
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